nishi tokyo chemix is a specialized trading company specializing in chemical products





President Masaru Kato

 We, NISHI TOKYO CHEMIX Co., Ltd., through various products in a wide range of fields such as industrial chemicals, chemical products, resins, adhesives, electronic materials, paints and food additives, to people in many countries in Vietnam and Asia, We have been proactively proposing activities to meet the diverse needs of our customers, constantly pursuing new added products, and working under the spirit of "challenge and creation".

In keeping harmony with the environment, we will continue to strive for compliance, we will train professionals from the aspect of chemistry to trust by many people at the change of the new era, and through functions as a chemical trading company .We will continue to aim for the company that can serve you.


Flow of supply

Overseas expansion Japanese companies import various chemicals and dangerous goods. However, this requires cost and labor for transportation and management.
Therefore, we will propose the optimum JIT procurement method and cost reduction by utilizing know-how and bonded warehouse we have cultivated.