nishi tokyo chemix is a specialized trading company specializing in chemical products


About us

We are developing business activities
on the theme of "challenge and creation".

As a specialty trading company specializing in chemicals,
we handle a wide range of materials from basic chemicals to fine chemicals.

Through these merchandise,
we are engaged in sales activities as a bridge to connect not only domestic users but also overseas users
as a role of a pipe to develop from raw materials to products.

Moreover, we have a logistics base that can store dangerous goods in Southeast Asia area
such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.
and provide proposal type logistics solution closely tied to customer's overseas production base
such as reduction of physical distribution cost, inventory reduction, short delivery time We will.
We also have a bonded dangerous goods warehouse in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi area of ​​
Vietnam and aim to develop business in Southeast Asia
through support of purchasing activities at customers overseas production base.

Our service


We import and sell various chemical products
from overseas to the domestic market.


We export goods mainly domestic chemical products to overseas countries.


We import goods mainly overseas chemical products to the domestic market.


We have a bonded warehouse that can store dangerous goods,
mainly in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand.


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